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UJ scoops Vision 2030 Education Award

Under South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP), the Vision 2030 Awards honoured the University of Johannesburg (UJ) for the role the University plays in providing sound education to a diverse South African and international population. On Thursday, 22 June 2017, UJ scooped the Education Award from a tough group of contenders nominated among the best institutions such as Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Clicks Group Ltd, Department of Basic Education, Eskilz College, Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, South African Broadcasting Corporation, The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management, and Vaal University of Technology.

UJ is a vibrant research intensive university with more than 24 research centres and institutes, over 1100 academics and around 200 postdoctoral research fellows. Of these, 178 are National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researchers. UJ is also host to twelve (12) of the Department of Science and Technology’s South African Research Initiative (SARChI) Chairs in the areas: South African Art and Visual Culture; Industrial Development; Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Mathematics and Science in Primary School; Education and Care in Childhood; Laser Applications in Health; Welfare and Social Development; African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy; Social Change; International Law; Nanotechnology for Water; Geometallurgy; and Indigenous Plant Use.

The University hosts other Chairs that include a UJ Teaching and Learning Research Chair, the UNESCO Chair in Value Education, and the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) funded Chair in Green Innovation. UJ has a wealth of research and evaluation expertise and capacity and has successfully completed contract research and most aligned with the national priorities and contribute to a number of the National Development Plan’s priorities including fighting unemployment and inadequate savings, improving education and infrastructure, alleviating poverty, providing healthcare, diversification, research and development, and fighting inequality and corruption. The university prides itself on producing graduates who are relevant in their areas of work and who make significant contributions towards a better South Africa for all.

In just over a decade, UJ has established itself as a world-class institution and an education enabler. Among SA’s six leading universities, only UJ provides access to 3850 first-year students from poor communities every year, providing them with funding and bursaries.

The very first Vision 2030 Awards recognises UJ as a key stakeholder in SA’s future prosperity through the National Development Plan efforts – at a time when government and business are increasingly partnering to radically accelerate progress.

The Vision 2030 Awards were held in Johannesburg following a robust summit which saw much engagement with key players.

2030 Education Award


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