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UJ School of Tourism and Hospitality rewards top achieving students

​​​The School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is one of the biggest graduate contributors to the tourism and hospitality industry, producing scores of top achieving students annually. On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, at the STH Top Achievers awards, 36 students with an aggregate of 75%+ individual passes in their studies, will be rewarded for their hard work, at the Bunting Road Campus.

STH Top Achievers is the University’s annual event where top achieving students are recognised for their top academic achievement in the different years of study, in the different programme offerings. Together with sponsorship from all major industry partners (tourism and hospitality), UJ awards prizes to the students to acknowledge excellence.

These are also top performers in their respective year of study.

“I’m excited about this recognition, because I have worked hard during my studies. I did well because I do not leave stuff for the last minute. I make notes in class and when I study,” says Sumayer Ismail, second year student in Hospitality Management. “To those that would like to be recognised for this type of recognition, my advice to you is, ‘set your priorities straight’. Study for a bright future, and you have a certain period of your studies set for defining your future while you are at university. Strike a balance between fun and your studies, that way you do not become one thing,” she advised.

Sumayer also serves in the STH Student Liaison Committee which forms a link between lecturers and students to enhance good performance by providing access, directives, and academic mediation.

There will be four categories in the awards: Hospitality Management (with 13 recipients); Food and Beverage Management (with 2 recipients); Tourism Management (with 17 recipients); and Tourism Development (with 4 recipients).

A total of 21 Students will receive prizes from 23 sponsors. Some of the big sponsors, among others, include Tsogo Sun, Marriot, Fedics, Sun International, and SANParks. The prizes vary from scholarships, to vouchers to stay and eat at some of the most prestigious hotels in the country, and tablets, among many other.

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