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UJ researchers explore the concept of ‘value’ on Africa’s economic growth

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The concept of ‘value’ seems to be a self-evident statement, but it is a matter that is receiving surprisingly little attention by researchers. This is what has emerged from researchers in the Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences (FEFS)​ at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). As stated in parliament by Finance Minister Pravin Gordon recently, much attention is needed to inspire confidence in South Africa’s local economy. With this national goal in mind, UJ is assisting business leaders to creating “Value” to the local economy and financial world.

Hosted by the Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), the three-day international conference, themed, Celebrating a Decade of Excellence in Economic and Financial Research will see UJ researchers’ findings on how seeking determine ways of ensuring the success of business ambitions in Africa – one that creates and delivers value. The conference takes place on 23 and 24 May 2016 at Zebula Lodge in Limpopo Province.

Ms Denise Mare, Senior Lecturer: Department of Accountancy and Chairperson of the Value2016 Conference points out that the concept of ‘value’ seems to be a self-evident statement, but it is a matter that is receiving surprisingly little attention by researchers. “The understanding of the term ‘value’ varies from person to person and from discipline to discipline. That is why it makes for interesting debate in financial circles,” says Ms Mare.

She points out that for profit-oriented organisations the main focus might be on adding financial value to ensure organisational viability. “Adding and recognising value may be useful for a growing business with innovative ideas on learning critical lessons for managing the 21st century marketplace. In an academic environment the term ‘value’ might have a completely revolutionary meaning. There is however, still much to be learnt about what drives the concept of value in society today and how sustainable business practices could influence and enhance value.”

Worldwide corporate governance reform requiring the adoption and disclosure of sustainable business reports; together with stakeholders becoming more educated and aware of how organisations generate profits and base investment decisions on more than just the financial bottom line, have led to the corporate environment placing a greater focus on sustainable business practices. These developments occur alongside the ongoing debate on the nature and extent of value in sustainable business practices.

“Academics investigate the concepts of value and sustainability and industry leaders attempt to model new business strategies to capture the essence of value through sustainable business practices,” says Ms Mare.

The Value2016 Conference delegates that include researchers and academia related financial disciplines, economics, education, historians as well as business leaders, will engage in discussions concerning research and business strategies that focus on economic growth in Africa as well as the challenges faced by business leaders to capture the essence of delivery value through sustainable business practices, thereby contributing to a more sustainable corporate Africa, shaping and defining value, and the forward thinking associated within value.

A total of 62 research articles that will be presented over the two day conference.

Keynote speakers include Dr Anne Murphy from the University of Hertfordshire UK and Dr Piet Croucamp from the University of Johannesburg. Dr Croucamp will also provide in-depth, practical and up-to-date knowledge on the food security value chain as a contributor to local economic development. They will both highlight their insights on “the way to go” with “value-added” and modern research.

During the Conference, papers covering the following research areas will be presented:

  • Papers analysing trends in micro & macroeconomics, econometrics and banking or any topic related to economics or the banking sector will be presented.
  • Papers exploring the rapid pace with which change is occurring in the fields of accounting, the accountancy profession, auditing, corporate governance and taxation.
  • Papers addressing value in the educational spheres as well as accounting history and financial history.
  • Papers covering costing information, planning and decision-making, international finance, financial markets, financial institutions and services, corporate finance and governance, educational finance, retirement funds and planning, legislation, and life, disability or medical insurance, to highlight but a few areas.​

The Conference is organised in association with the Centre of Local Economic Development (CENLED).

The International Value2016 Conference is made possible by partners and sponsors, including local publishers JUTA and Company, LexisNexis South Africa and SAICA’s Thutuka Development Fund, among others. Caxton Publishers, Oxford University Press, Consol and PricewaterhouseCoopers also support the Conference – making contributions that added “valued” experience in recent academic history.

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