UJ ranked in the top 200 young universities in the world by Times Higher Education

​International recognition for the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has been given another boost by its inclusion in the top 200 universities listed in the THE Young University Rankings results released this week. It is the only university in South Africa to achieve a place in this ranking system and joins two other universities on the continent to be included in the list.
Among this group of universities under 50 years old, THE has identified a sub-group of those that only came into existence in this millennium. Within the THE Millennials, UJ is ranked in the top 18 which is a remarkable achievement and testament to the massive strides it has made in gaining global acknowledgement for its academic excellence and high impact research.
Last year, UJ was similarly recognised by QS which placed it in its top 100 ranking of universities under 50 years of age. In this ranking system, UJ was the second youngest university and the only university in Africa to be included on the list. Seen more widely as a ‘challenger’ university, UJ is set to make a significant mark in the global higher education arena in innovative and disruptive ways.
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