UJ: More than 50 000 students to start with 2016 year-end examinations

As the 2016 year-end examinations set to commence on Saturday, November 19th, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has implemented measures to ensure that the examinations continue undisrupted.

UJ Registrar, Prof Kinta Burger, said that it is all systems go for end-of-year examinations. “The examinations of more than 46 000 students and 9 000 students enrolled in continuing professional development programmes will be concluded by 06 December, 2016,” she said.

Prof Burger pointed out that UJ is ready for exams. “Universities have experienced serious challenges in the last few months, with tackling the issues of the high price of university education especially for the poor. Some individuals and groups sought to exploit the legitimate objective as they set out to disrupt university life and the academic programme. UJ was one of the few universities to continue with its academic programme without interruption,” Prof Burger said.

She said that throughout 2016, the University has sought to secure the stability of the Institution: the safety and security of staff, students and visitors were and remains our primary priority. “It is imperative that we ensure the conditions conducive for effective learning, teaching and research as expected of a University, and the uninterrupted continuation of the academic programme, including the current examinations. This will allow our graduating students to do so as scheduled, and to persevere in making meaningful contributions to the South African economy, in addition to empowering themselves, their families and their communities.”

This year, a record number of students graduated from the University’s 2015 class, underpinned by a new record high in its undergraduate module completion rates.

“The University’s 2015 performance was even more impressive given the challenges that South African universities have been experiencing over the past two years, and all indications are that both the undergraduate module completion rates and overall graduation levels will be as good in 2016, if not better.

“We are very proud of our academics, professional and support staff, and students who, amidst the turmoil, continue to demonstrate extraordinary professionalism and dedication, as a result of which we are achieving very good results,” Prof Burger said.

She added that UJ had lots to celebrate, as its achievements since its inception 11 years ago, in teaching and research, in its relationships with prestigious universities globally, and in the University’s world-class programmes and facilities, were considerable.

With about 55 000 students bustling through the gates of its four campuses, UJ has become the university of choice for many working class, first generation students — producing an average of 12 200 graduates annually.

Such is the high regard that UJ’s applications for 2017 academic year, stood at over 126 000 for 10 500 first-year spaces at the 2016 application deadline. This again highlights the fact that UJ remains the university of choice for many potential students.

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