UJ launches the first-ever university fantasy league

Over a period of a few years, UJ has established a well-organized sport structure that offers sport experiences to its students, staff and supporters on various levels and a variety of contexts. UJ Sport provides sport opportunities to its students and staff on a recreational, competitive and elite level on all four campuses. On the social and recreational level, UJ Sport aim to create the ultimate student experience. On the competitive and elite level, students have access to a well-developed peak performance programme and a sport science programme implemented by professional people. UJ Sport’s mission is to provide quality sport participation opportunities to all our communities and strives to set the trend in university sport.


Now UJ has spread their commitment to sports through to cyberspace. Welcome UJ Sport Rewards, a fantasy league game that gives UJ students and alumni, the chance to play the game and win various prizes linked to different sports leagues like VIP treatments on game night. A playground for sports fanatics and fans, UJ Sport Rewards is the first-ever fantasy league created for a university. Prizes include court-side tickets; food and beverages for you and a few of your mates.​​
Become part of this fantasy league and simply register at UJ Sport Rewards and start reaping the rewards and have fun. How do you win? Simply by collecting the virtual badges, you win. Badges are rewards for completing certain goals such as checking in at home matches, tweeting or follow the rules. Not only are they shiny, but you can use them to gain entries into competitions. The more friends you refer to join UJ Sport Rewards, the quicker you will earn badges. You can either refer friends via email or via Facebook.
How to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to UJ Fantasy League? Visit UJ Sport Rewards on a PC, tablet or mobile phone and click on the Facebook or Twitter icons at the top of the site. Discover the variety of ways to earn your badges. Who doesn’t like gold?
Stay in the game with UJ Sport. Like us on Facebook​. Follow us on Twitter​.
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