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UJ Community Engagement and Classroom Buddies offer learner support

Who are we?

Classroom Buddies Organisation (CBO)  is a registered non-profit organisation. We are a service organisation for learners that recognises basic quality school education as a human right for African high school learners in South Africa. The organisation is made up of young people who are passionate about community engagement and changing the lives of their fellow peers. We are committed to the use of innovation in addressing challenges impacting Grade 9 to 12 learners from disadvantaged areas.

Why we exist?

Youth unemployment is a chronic problem in many African countries. The reality is that in South Africa school leaving youth are not equipped with the skills for the employment opportunities offered by a modern economy. There is also a mismatch of skills among the youth in the sense that not enough people are acquiring education in fields that are in demand. Therefore some students get a tertiary qualification but cannot be immediately employed because the fields they obtained qualification is either not in demand or there are few vacancies. There is still a very small pool of matriculants who have the necessary grades and subjects to access programmes such engineering, medicine, actuary and accounting.

What we do?

We offer support to Life Orientation teachers in schools by providing career guidance and subject choice advise to Grade 9 learners, Tertiary Institution bursary and scholarship information to Grade 11 and 12 learners. We source and distribute application forms and prospectus of tertiary institutions to Grade 12 Learners who might struggle with online applications. We use innovative ways of mentoring and giving life advise in order to capture the interest of learners from Grade 9 to 12. As an organization we tutor Maths, Physical sciences, Life sciences, accounting and Geography. We also fund raise for study materials or any venture that makes the life of high school leaners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our partners

As an organisation, we work with various stakeholders. However, our biggest partner is the UJ Community Engagement office at APK campus. Through CE APK office. We have been able to recruit over 100 volunteers each year to participate in our various programmes. Over the years, we have worked with over 500 UJ students recruited from CE APK. These students have participated in various projects such as clean-ups, Saturday tutoring, online tutoring, career guidance, mentorship amongst others.

Impact of our projects

Through the assistance of UJ CE APK office, we have been able to assist at learners from different areas within Johannesburg and South Africa at large. Since Covid-19 pandemic started we have tutored over 200 learners online. Currently, we have 200 learners have registered for the online tutoring programme. We have assisted 50 learners who are currently registered at different universities across the country.

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