UJ Clarifies Matter of Student Who Went Missing from her Soweto Home

​​On Wednesday the 14th of August, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) was approached by the parents of one of its day students who resides in Soweto, Diepkloef. Concerned that the University might be wondering why the student had not shown up for classes, the parents had come to inform the University that their child had gone missing while at home, over the past weekend, after the student had gone to visit a friend in another part of Soweto.
The parents also informed us that they had opened a case with the local police station. The University has since confirmed that the student checked out of the University gates on Thursday, the 8th of August 2013. The University is concerned that the student has gone missing from home – a place where everyone should feel and be safe. The University is offering the parents its support at this time.
The University is disappointed with some incorrect media reports which have assumed without confirming that the student had gone missing on campus. The University is willing and ready to work with members of the media, the vast majority of whom are diligent professionals, in the service of safety and crime prevention on and off campus.
All media inquiries should be directed to Mr Herman Esterhuizen, email hermane@uj.ac.za or 011 559 6653.​
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