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UJ celebrates Top Achievers in Pure and Applied Mathematics

​The Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) will be hosting its 2015 Annual Top Achievers Award Ceremony on 22 February 2016, at the Auckland Park, Bunting Road campus.

41 top achievers will be presented with awards ranging in categories from first-year to honours degree level. The ceremony awards students who obtained the highest marks in each of the modules offered by the department.

According to Prof Willem Conradie, Deputy Head of Department: Pure and Applied Mathematics, “The Top Achiever Awards aim to applaud academic achievement within the department and also to motivate the recipients of awards to continue their commitment to academic excellence whilst celebrating their success and potential.”

“Each top achiever receives a certificate and a cash prize. The intention is that these prizes should serve as an affirmation and motivation to persevere with their hard work and to aspire even greater heights,” concluded Prof Conradie.

The following students will be expecting the awards:

Top Students for 2015

Name & SurnameModule Code
Zinhle Queeneth Msibi Introductory to Mathematical Analysis


Christian BwanakawaIntroductory to Mathematical Analysis


Rossana EbraimBasic Mathematics & Applications in Economics & Business A & B


Morgan CoetzerBusiness Mathematics 100


Yohan KambeyaMathematics for Finance & Business 1 A & B


Christian Bongwe DiongoMathematics for Diploma 1


Lemogang Onalenna MoelaMathematics for Marketers A & B


Rodney MahlanguCalculus of One Variable Functions A (MAT1A01) and Applications of Calculus B (MAT1B01)
Gundo MuthupheiCalculus of One Variable Functions A (MAT1A01) and Applications of Calculus B (MAT1B01)
Sakhile Gladman NguboCalculus of One Variable Functions A (MAT1A01) and Applications of Calculus B (MAT1B01)
Erin Frances OberemBio & Environ Math & Stats


Keihlan Robert WatsonAdvanced Bio & Enviro Math & Stats


Brightness Kheliphile MagosoBio & Enviro Math & Stats A (MAT1C2E)
Hlakaniphani MabenaPre-Calculus (MAT1A1E) and Calculus of One-Variable Functions A (Extended) (MAT1A2E)
Samson SimelaneCalculus of One-Variable Functions B (Extended)


Ernest MolabaMathematics 1 for Teachers (FET) (MAFT0A1/MAFT0B1)
Moaaza Ismail LoonatMathematics 2 for Teachers (FET) (MAFT0A2/MAFT0B2)
Bassie Mokhethi Thabani NkhereanyeMathematics 3 for Teachers (FET) (MA3AFET/MA3BFET)
Donne Brenda StevensonSequences, Series & Vector Calculus A (MAT2A10) And Multivariable & Vector B (MAT2B10)
Lloyd Thembani MoyoEngineering Sequences, Series & Vector Calculus A (MAT0CA2) and Engineering Multivariable & Vector Calculus B (MAT0CB2)
Donne Brenda StevensonLinear Algebra A (MAT2A20) and Linear Algebra B


Christoff KrugerEngineering Linear Algebra A (MAT0AA2) and Engineering Linear Algebra B (MAT0AB2)
Margaux FourieIntroductory Abstract Algebra – IT (MAT2B40)
Letsoalo Solomon SebatjaneReal Analysis (MAT3A01)
Simone OldewageComplex Analysis (MAT3B01)
Shaakirah LewisDiscrete Mathematics (MAT3A20)
Dashney MakgafelaIntroductory to Statics (Extended) (APM1A1E)
Orapeleng ThipeIntroductory to Statics (Extended) (APM1A2E)
Carlos DubeIntroduction to Statics A (APM1A10) And Dynamics B


David Jacobus HarmseIntroduction to Differential Equations A (APM2A10) and Numerical Analysis B (APM2B10)
Shaakirah LewisVariational Calculus & Optimization Techniques A (APM3A10) and Quantum Computing B (APM3B10)
Oscar NkunaMathematics Honours Project


William ChukwuHonours Dynamical Systems

A & B (APM0017/APM0027)

William ChukwuHonours Relativity B


William ChukwuHonours Differential Equations A & B (APM0107/APM0117)
Steve ShakuHonours Differential Equations B (APM0117)
Mashudu Constance MotauHonours Multilinear Algebra


Gabriel MotsiHonours Advanced SC Computation & Programming (APM0087)
Gabriel MotsiHonours Lie Groups & Algebras


Margaux FourieMost Outstanding & Committed Tutor in 2015 for

Pure Mathematics

Thomas RoetsPure & Applied Mathematics Honours Project APM1067
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