UJ Accountancy and Philosophy graduates share their campus experiences

UJ is a student friendly institution, says graduate Mbali Mdhluli

Mbali Mdhluli

The bubbly 22-year-old was excited to have finally finished her Diploma in Accountancy.

“I chose UJ because it is a very accommodative institution, I did not need to stress about application fees and all those things, the registration fees are reasonable and for someone who comes from a disadvantaged background, UJ is a more suitable university because it is so accommodative and student friendly.”

The Soweto based graduate describes her three years at UJ as fruitful.

“My time here had its ups and downs but more than anything it was fruitful. I enjoyed being here because I learnt a lot and not just academically.  I learnt a lot about life and I acquired leadership skills. It was great. These are things I am taking with me in my next chapter.”

Cebo believes he can change the world through academia

Cebo Ndima – Master’s candidate

Master’s candidate Cebo Ndima was elated to have his family join him for his graduation. His entourage came dressed to the nines this week in colourful IsiXhosa regalia to watch their son and nephew walk across the stage at the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Kingsway Campus auditorium.

Cebo was part of the Faculty of Humanities graduates, receiving his Bachelor of Arts Honours degree.

The 23-year-old has nothing but good things to say about his time at UJ.

“I chose UJ because it’s one of the best universities in the country and I got what I expected because the Department of Philosophy is very supportive of its students so it ensured that we get to perform at our best.” He enthused that UJ truly lived its values.

“Honestly, the university is just fabulous. It’s not just UJ for show, it’s UJ inside and out, delivering on its promise.”

Cebo intends to continue with his journey in academia as a Master’s candidate.

Picture3“I chose to do the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy because Philosophy allows you to challenge yourself. I am a person who believes in righteousness and academia and I believe I can change the world through academia.”

The future is very bright for Cebo who intends to become a renowned researcher in the Philosophy of Sport in South Africa.

“I see myself becoming a professor. Sport Philosophy is a niche market right now, not yet developed, so I am looking to be one of the founding fathers in that field of academia.”

Cebo has this advice for students who are starting their university journey: “The most important thing to have is balance, it is key. Balance your social life and academics and never forget why you came to university: this is the place where you can realise your dreams. Take it from me.”

Young mom receives her diploma

A graduate from the College of Business and Economics, Manyunyu Chavalala studied towards her Diploma in Accountancy to help her become a better mom for her young daughter.

The 24-year-old mother of one posed for some pictures with her daughter at the famous Kingsway Campus fountain. Her family was in tow to watch her graduate while taking stock of the last three years of study.

“My family was my pillar of strength and support structure through it all. I could not have balanced being a young mom and studying at the same time without them. It was really difficult for me, I went through a lot but I am grateful for my support system.”

The Randfontein based graduate is planning to study further with an Advanced Diploma next year. For the rest of this year she plans to find work in order to continue providing for her child.

A total of 10 445 students are graduating this autumn graduation series taking place until 19 April 2023 at the University of Johannesburg’s Kingsway Campus auditorium.

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