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UJ academics shine at the 2015 ESSA Conference

​​​​In the year marking the 90th birthday of the Economic Society of Southern Africa (ESSA), the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Department of Economics and Econometrics (DEE) academics and students excelled in the ESSA two days conference. In honor of this prestigious event, ESSA and the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town hosted the conference that consisted of 10 sessions, with each session made up of almost 10 parallel presentations.
Hundreds of economists from academia and industry presented their latest research findings and engaged with their colleagues in the areas of health, development, macroeconomics, economic history, labour markets, industrial development, competition policy, international trade, economics education, behavioral finance, resource economics and banking, among others.
DEE made outstanding contributions to the 2015 ESSA Conference in a number of different ways. Lecturers and postgraduate students from the DEE were involved in over 25 academic presentations across a variety of research areas. This commendably-high participation rate at the 2015 ESSA Conference was a first for the DEE.
The Department was one of the generous 2015 ESSA Conference sponsors and was acknowledged by the ESSA President at the opening ceremony for this and one of the DEE academics, Ms Marinda Pretorius, contributed immensely to the 2015 ESSA Conference in her capacity as the treasurer of ESSA.
“The DEE would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all staff and students who were involved in making the 2015 ESSA Conference a success. A special congratulations to our DEE colleague, Ms Marinda Pretorius, for her outstanding contribution to the 2015 ESSA Conference in her capacity as the treasurer of ESSA,” said Ms Naiefa Rashied, Lecturer at DEE, UJ.
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