The City of Johannesburg congratulates UJ on 10TH Year Anniversary

​​This year is an exciting one as the University of Johannesburg (UJ) marks a decade since the institution’s establishment. On behalf of the City of Johannesburg (CoJ), may I congratulate UJ firstly – as an institution – on its 10th year anniversary, and secondly – all its staff as the people who made it what it is today.

This milestone comes four years after the City of Johannesburg entered into a collaboration relationship with the higher education institution in a bid to improve the lives of the people of Johannesburg. It is through UJ that the City has developed training programmes that include a Master of Public Health and other primary healthcare qualifications tailored for the municipality’s specifications and needs.

Furthermore, the City is working with UJ on ways we can improve our air quality, finding better ways to mitigate the impact of climate change and on waste management and regulations. It is also through our partnership with the institution that we have been engaging and creating awareness among school learners and students on the City’s spatial project – Corridors of Freedom. The project is designed to stitch the city together in an effort to bring opportunities closer to the people and create spaces where people can work, play and access essential services without travelling long distances – contrary to the legacy of apartheid.

The City of Johannesburg’s relationship with the institution is firmly anchored on an understanding that we are strategic partners in jointly visioning the future of the City’s growth and development. This is the essence of our common objective to create a public agenda that empowers the people of Johannesburg and creates an enabling spatial, social and economic environment for all to enjoy. The projects identified earlier support this public agenda.

As UJ turns 10, the City remains committed to continue working with the institution in areas that include knowledge, innovation sharing and transfer, transportation, energy efficiency and integrated spatial developments and infrastructure planning. The City continues to enjoy the fruits of the relationship with UJ in our collaboration in Research on the Informal Economy, Anti-Xenophobia Strategy and the Professionalisation of the Public Administration.

Our common vision remains o​ne to create and support strategic outcomes for the City of Johannesburg, the Gauteng Province and South Africa as a country, as well as our international position as a desirable destination. As we jointly strive to achieve this position, may UJ also continue to develop and grow to its full capacity to become the best in its field of higher education.

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor

Cllr Mpho Parks Tau

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