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Student Activism in Academic, Political, Religious and Social Student Organisations

​Following concerns raised with me recently by the national leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters, I want to affirm to the UJ community that irrespective of their ideological or political orientation, students’ rights to actively initiate, organise and/or participate in the lawful activities of any academic, political, religious and social student organisations are promoted and shall be protected. In instances where students feel or believe that these rights are unduly limited, circumscribed or infringed, it should be reported to the Executive Director for Student Affairs, whose details are provided below.

To this end, the University has created a space for every student to exercise their relevant rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and relevant laws, as well as by University Rules, and this space is created without prejudice or risk of discrimination and intimidation. These rights must be exercised with due regard to the rights of other members of the UJ community, and it is for these reasons that the University has now, for some years, established and observed University Rules.

Furthermore, the University has put in place policies that promote the active participation of students in student and university affairs. In addition to the created space, the University also provides necessary support to enable every student to exercise their rights and choices with regard to academic, political, religious and social activities.

For more information regarding these opportunities, please feel free to contact the Executive Director of Student Affairs, Dr Roseline Laka-Mathebula on 011 559 2042 and/or

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