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Promising prospects for UJ Science graduates

​​With the first series of the 2014 graduation ceremonies already underway at the University of Johannesburg (UJ)), many of the new graduates are feeling excited and overwhelmed by their accomplishments. As they use this time to reflect on the years of hard work, they also look ahead to what the future holds for them in their careers.


For this first series of graduation ceremonies taking place during March and April, more than 8 400 students will be descending on UJ’s Auckland Park Kingsway Campus to be capped, with the Faculty of Science seeing a total of 395 students receiving their qualifications.
Promising Prospects For Uj Science Graduates
Jonathen Homann, BSc (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)
“Honestly speaking, I do not feel different. I have to admit, though, that it is more significant than sitting at home and doing things your own way – I guess everybody feels different because, as people, we are not the same. I had a great experience at the University; I could always walk into my lecturers’ offices and ask questions to get more clarity and information on which direction to take. I am currently working towards my Honours qualification in Incorporated Physics and Applied Maths.”
Anele Mdunyelwa
Anele Mdunyelwa, BSc (Life and Environmental Science)


“I am very happy, considering a lot of sleepless nights and hard work went into obtaining this degree. Now I have something to show for it. Coping with first year was a challenge, as I had to adapt and adjust to the new environment. Despite the challenges during my first year, it was also exciting because I met new people and shared many experiences. I’d advise learners to go and obtain their qualifications because it is a life-changing opportunity they will always treasure.”​
Promising Prospects For Uj Science Graduates
Tshifiwa Mavhalani, BSc (Geography and Geology)

“I am so excited and so happy! I cannot find words to explain how I feel. This is a great University with great programmes of a high standard. It was very challenging to reach this point because everything was demanding, but at the same time worth it. The biggest challenge was juggling tests and assignments at the same time. I cannot forget the fact that it was all fun though. I am looking forward to working while I study further this year and will try my best to balance both.”​
Promising Prospects For Uj Science Graduates
Cornelia Dahms, BSc (Human Physiology and Psychology)
“It feels amazing to finally be a graduate of the University. Studying here was very challenging due to the workload and a bit of language barriers, reason being that English is not my first language, but rather my second, but my friends made it all worth it. I plan on doing my Honours after this, and then I want to be a psychologist once I’ve completed my studies.”​
Promising Prospects For Uj Science Graduates
Sabiyyah Zardad, BSc (Geography and Geology)
“It feels good to graduate and it also motivates me because I am currently busy with my Honours at the moment. Admin was the most challenging for me here at UJ, but the rest was just smooth sailing. The Geology department is exciting and the lecturers here have high standards and are great – this made me love UJ, and now I do not want to leave. Later, I want to study for my Masters, PhD and then become a lecturer at UJ. I am used to UJ and grateful for everything, and that is why I want to give back to the University by of becoming a lecturer here someday.”​
Promising Prospects For Uj Science Graduates
Mabuela Morabe, BSc (Life and Environmental Science)
“Being a university graduate is a great feeling. I shed a few tears during the ceremony because it is a wonderful achievement and I have made my parents proud. The hardest time for me at UJ was my first year during first semester, when I almost failed due to just arriving from high school and just ‘chilling’ without studying. Eventually I got a wake-up call and became serious about my studies. I have not decided between doing my Masters and getting a job. For now, I’m considering studying further because I am enjoying what I am currently doing.”​


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