Prof Tankiso Moloi receives IRMSA Industry Award

Prof Tankiso Moloi, Professor of Accountancy at UJ, was awarded an Industry Award in the Education Category at the 2017 Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) Gala Dinner Awards on 3 November. He was acknowledged for his project, The State of Risk Management in the Public Service, in collaboration with the National Treasury.

Prof Moloi is a member of the international editorial board for the International Public Administration Review. He is also a member of the governing board of the South African Journal of Accounting Research. He is currently collaborating with other international researchers in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Albania, Jordan and Nigeria on his research projects.

Speaking after receiving the accolade, Prof Moloi said: “We responded to the reported high levels of unauthorised expenditure, fruitless and wasteful expenditure and irregular expenditure in the public service by approaching the National Treasury which is a custodian of the finance processes. We thought that we could also have a moderate contribution to the discourse by facilitating the technical engagement between Chief Risk Officer (CROs) and the Treasury. We are grateful that the Office of Accountant General saw value in this initiative.”He added: “We are further grateful to those that nominated our initiative. Our aim, had always been to try and influence the risk management process in the public sector. Therefore, being recognised, through the nomination process and then get shortlisted came as a surprise but, at the same time, it validated our efforts of wanting to promote financial accountability in the public service. From where we are sitting, being named the winner in the category, by the Institute that is a custodian of risk in the country, was a cherry on top. The Accountant General has extended our scope so that we can look at the risk governance committees. Be on the lookout for this project.”

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