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One of SA’s youngest advocates, UJ’s alumnus, Thabang Mathopo

University of Johannesburg (UJ) graduate, Thabang Kgabela Mathopo, became one of South Africa’s youngest advocates after obtaining his LLB degree in 2012.

Mr Mathopo started practicing officially, under the Johannesburg Bar, the year after successfully completing his bar exam in the pupilage programme at the Maisels Group, a group of advocates of the High Court of South Africa.
Continuing to pursue his aspirations, Mr Mathopo entered the workforce with a drive to excel. He joined Maisels Chambers-Group 3 and became one of the youngest advocates in South Africa at age 22. Mr Mathopo, now 24 years old, aspires to become a judge at the Supreme Court.
“My passion for the legal profession was instilled after a visit to a court that was in sitting. I was in awe. Watching, as a first-year law student, lawyers’ arguing their cases in front of a judge, inspired me. South Africa’s system of law, though richly diverse was made real. I also wanted to fight for independency and social justice for all. As an aspiring advocate, I was motivated,” he said.
I am proud to be associated with an institution, in particular the University’s Faculty of Lawthat continues developing a culture of giving students opportunities to be exposed to real-life scenarios, Mr Mathopo elaborated.
Mr Mathopo stresses the importance of law and legal studies in today’s evolving world and implored students to achieve their qualifications with dedication. “It is an interesting and satisfying experience to be in South Africa’s legal profession today. The Law repays hard work and through being better informed you will become a better lawyer. Our constitution is rooted in our past and we need to fight for diversity and freedom. Our first priority should be a commitment to social justice.”
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