NB: The UJ Postgraduate Centre has moved to the RC Nano Building on APK

The Postgraduate Centre (PGC) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is now situated in the Resolution Circle (RC) Nano Building. The RC Nano Building is one of the University’s state-of-the-art infrastructures that enables the PGC to provide high quality support to UJ postgraduate students. It also provides a space for postdoctoral fellows to conduct high quality research.

The PGC at UJ was established in July 2010. The Centre’s main focus is to support postgraduate students in the most comprehensive way possible in order to improve postgraduate enrolment and throughput. Since 2013, the main PGC portfolios have been: Research Capacity Development (RCD); Research, Monitoring and Benchmarking; Postgraduate Funding Support (PFS); and Marketing and Information.
The RCD and PFS departments, which were previously located in the Library and A-Ring at the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus (APK), have now moved to the RC Nano Building. The building adjacent to the Human Resource B5 Building. The new space will enable these two departments to work together in the same space.
While PFS will continue to manage an increasing number and variety of bursaries and scholarships, the department will also have regular contact with postdoctoral research fellows who use the designated offices within the building.
For more information on UJ bursaries and scholarships, visit: bursaries and scholarships.
While the RCD continues to support emerging researchers and supervisors through the provision of high-quality events, the *training room and *boardroom will enable the department to manage events closely, and be more responsive to departmental and faculty specific requests. This move will also consolidate collaboration between the RCD and PFS regarding jointly hosted workshops on funding applications for postgraduate students and staff.
Directions to the RC Nano Building:
Walk/drive through the main entrance to A-Parking (the first parking lot). Walk towards the Faculty of Engineering building. On your right you will see the newly built lecture halls. Before you get to the Faculty of Engineering building turn left, walk past the solar labs on your right. The RC Nano Building is on your right after the solar labs and before the B-5 HR Building. It is a big grey and white building with a large ‘Postgraduate Centre’ sign on the outside.
Contact details of PGC staff:
Postgraduate Centre
Professor Shireen Motala
Director: Postgraduate Centre
011 559 3781
Ms Lerato Diale
Acting Secretary
011 559 3785
Postgraduate Funding Support
Mr Praveen Singh
Head: Postgraduate Funding Support
011 559 4148
Ms Dudu Mbatha
Bursary Administrator
011 559 4016
Mr Tshediso Msibi
NRF Administrative Assistant
011 559 3780
Research Capacity Development
Dr Pia Lamberti
Head: Research Capacity Development
011 559 3649
Ms Laura Arnold
Academic Facilitator
011 559 3765
Ms Mpho Selahle
Admin Assistant (Events)
011 559 4197
Mr Simon Machogo-Sekoto
Admin Assistant (Budget)
011 559 2143
Research, Monitoring and Benchmarking
Dr Riëtte de Lange
Director: Research, Monitoring and Benchmarking
011 559 3749
Ms Lucy Siebert
Admin assistant (Postgraduate academic support and finance)
011 559 2643
Mr Takalani Thanyani
Admin assistant (Postgraduate students and academic employees)
011 559 3765
*Please note that the training room and the boardroom are not designated postgraduate student areas. Students can use computers donated by the PGC in the APK research commons, which are located on the second floor of
the APK Library – (the SWC, APB and DFC libraries each have a designated research commons area for postgraduate students). For more information about the library research commons, please contact: Vivian Moore on 011 559 4323 or vivianm@uj.ac.za.


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