Mosiwa joins the Basic Package of Support team in Orange Farm

Mosiwa Malula has joined the Basic package of Support team as Site Manager in Orange Farm. Mosiwa is an experienced youth facilitator and life coach. He believes his flexible and versatile nature and his ability to maintain a sense of humour under any pressure will be an asset to the programme. He is also easily able to transcend cultural differences when engaging with youth of different backgrounds, an important skill in a diverse community like Orange Farm.

His journey in youth facilitation started when he pioneered a youth club called the Help Increase Peace and Positivity club which focused on youth actualisation and community building. He was involved with the project from the year 2005 – 2010. Within his time he assisted young people to find their true self and ways in which they can be received within the community, the project was then taken to The Netherlands in 2008 for a month-long exchange to help participants gain skills in understanding the different cultures in these two different parts of the world.

Mosiwa is passionate about youth and how they see the world. He has over 15 years of experience in facilitation, coaching, training and group work. He has visited countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Botswana and Kenya facilitating conflict resolution, gender reconciliation, and leadership.

He enjoys coaching young people on how they lead their lives with a positive mindset that opens them up to the better part of the world, enlightening them about the importance of balancing ones EQ and IQ.

He has also done work with the Correctional Services of South Africa from 2006-2012, working with inmates on aggression issues and conflict resolution.

Mosiwa has studied Psychology which has provided him with skills in understanding human behaviour and development. He was also a project manager for a youth leadership project called NALEDI (star) which aimed to enable youth to shine.

He says: “As site manager for Orange Farm I am hoping to create a safe space where youth can be able to explore their talents and capabilities, be given support that enables them to act responsibility, think logically and objectively about their lives. I am hopeful that they will utilise the provided space and resources to enhance their careers and lives.”

His day-to-day slogan is that: “Change your thoughts and the world around you changes”.

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