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Know your rights, check the status of your residence

Each year, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) registers over 50 000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and has over 6 500 student bed-spaces in 26 residences spread across four campuses. Given the high demand for student housing and the limited availability in our own residences, the University recognises the need for privately owned student accommodation. It has established a Privately Owned Student Accommodation Office that evaluates and accredits all privately owned student accommodation outside of the University against specific criteria and minimum standards.

The UJ Privately Owned Student Accommodation Office Policy provides the framework for the accreditation of privately-owned accommodation for registered students. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the accredited privately owned student accommodation meets the minimum requirements and standards including compliance with health and safety requirements in line with building and public health regulations. Property owners make applications for accreditation on a voluntary basis in order to be evaluated for accreditation status for a specified period. The relationship between accredited service providers and the UJ is regulated through a Memorandum of Agreement signed annually by both parties.

The University is committed to ensuring that privately owned student accommodation adheres to the same high standards of UJ’s residences. The University endorses accredited landlords or rental properties with signage and posts the listings on the University’s website to make students aware of residences that are accredited. UJ informs students of their rights as tenants and a complaint system is in place where students can raise concerns.

Safety and security of UJ students remains of utmost priority. All reported complaints are actively investigated with the appropriate actions, including de-accreditation of privately owned student accommodation if a property owners are found in breach of University policy.

The final list of privately owned accredited off-campus accommodation will be published on the UJ website and on notice boards across all campuses. Meanwhile, the University urges students to access the UJ Privately Owned Student Accommodation Policy on the UJ website. We request that you report any deviations from the policy by an accredited service provider to the Privately Owned Student Accommodation Office closest to you. Alternatively call 011 559 1040 for all information.

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