Kholofelo Lebogo: University of Johannesburg Student and ASIC Winner

​​​​University of Johannesburg Student comments on ASIC.


My name is Kholofelo Lebogo and I am studying Accounting (CA) at the University of Johannesburg. I enjoy reading, keeping up-to-date with markets and the happenings in the domestic and international business community, and playing squash.
After graduating, I want to further my career in being a Chartered Accountant. Once established, I would like to move into various opportunities that will further my involvement in business by tapping into unexploited ventures.
ASIC has broadened my knowledge about the African countries and encouraged me to become more aware of the impact that markets have on the growth of a country. Through the African Alliance weekly updates and quizzes, I have access to information that I otherwise would not have known. The ASIC has channeled my way of thinking into the direction of business and taught me about trading. It has bridged the vital gap between the real world and my academics.
As published in :, 2011/05/05
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