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Introduction to the UJ Energy Movement and the UJ Solar Project

South Africa is well positioned to become a world leader in alternative energy applications and innovation but to realise this potential, energy innovation must be promoted through technology development, technical education and commercialisation. In short, a pipeline that supplies the necessary skills base to support the New Growth Path and the National Development Plan and the ideals of a sustainable, green economy needs to be developed. And this can only be achieved through national engagement with schools, universities, media and industry to pinpoint and address the critical skills shortages that exist in South Africa in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The University of Johannesburg (UJ)’s Energy Movement strives to bridge the skills shortage gap with their programmes and initiatives that promote research, education and industry participation on alternative energy issues at the University.​


The flagship project of the UJ Energy Movement is the UJ Solar Project which promotes the study of alternative energy, energy management and sustainable engineering design through the bi-yearly conceptualization and construction of their solar and alternative energy powered vehicles which participate in international races annually. The latest Solar-powered street-blazer – iLanga II – is set to be revealed, for the first time, at an exclusive event at UJ on Tuesday, 05 August 2014.

Ilanga II is by far one of the most advanced solar powered vehicles produced by UJ Students, guaranteed to gyrate the grey matter of those interested in various fields of engineering, technology, innovation, sustainable energy, motor racing, design and education. ​​

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