Interior Design takes part in UJ Recycle Week

​​The Department of Interior Design actively participated in the UJ Recycle week that took place from 12-16 September 2011.​
The UJ Recycle Week was hosted by the Occupational Safety Department and was appropriately titled Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This initiative was in line with Cleanup SA week and national Recycle Day on 16 September. Students and staff were invited to deliver a bag of any recyclable items to the waste area on each campus.
The Department of Interior Design consider this as the appropriate opportunity to clean the studios and store rooms. The staff and students started cleaning these spaces on Wednesday 14 September. Anzani Rautenbach, occupational safety practitioner on the ABP campus, visited the Interior Design studios and assisted in arranging the recycle team to remove all the old models and magazines on Friday 16 September. In addition, the Department of Interior Design challenged staff and students in the Faculty of Art, and Design and Architecture to make a concerted effort to take part in the UJ Recycle week.
On Recycle Day students were requested to wear green in support of the initiative. A large number of students came to class dressed in green, which included the green and gold colours of the Springbok rugby team. The efforts of one third year student, Lucinda Dormehl, stood out head and shoulders above that of her fellow students. Lucinda and her father, Fanie Dormehl, packed two cars with recyclable items. Anzani met with the father daughter team at the APB recycle centre and congratulated them on their exceptional efforts.
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First year students with the old models that were cleared form the studios.
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