HR Director of Business Partners at UJ honoured at the IPM Excellence Awards

​The Institute of People Management (IPM) convention, which ran from 3 November to 6 November 2013, focused on the theme: “Human Resources (HR) Inspiring the New Revolution”, culminating in the 2013 IPM Excellence Awards where Director: Business Partnering and HR Services at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), Mrs Tokoza Kwinana received the runner up award for IPM HR Practitioner of the Year.​​
The IPM Excellence Awards 2013 represented a high point for attendees to the 57th Annual IPM conference held at Sun City at the beginning of November. The finalists were icons in the human resources (HR) industry and were chosen for this honour because of their effort, enthusiasm and dedication.​


IPM has spent more than 65 years focusing on the lifeblood of organisations — human capital. Dedicated to providing knowledge and tools for strategic development of people and leadership and to contribute to growth, profitability and sustainability, the organisation has evolved into a vital and critical resource for those in the HR industry
HR practitioners, irrespective of level, play pivotal people management roles, and this award recognises those with a demonstrated track record of excellence in implementing people strategies and plans that enable the business strategy. The finalists will also have worked effectively with line managers to attract, develop, engage and/or retain employees in the organisation. This award recognises practitioners with either generalist or specialist HR skills.
As a finalist, Kwinana, was recognised by the institute as an icon in the human resources industry and was chosen for this honour because of her effort, enthusiasm and dedication as an HR Practitioner.


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