Graduating from advertising to marketing management

​​Caro Buitendag became a University of Johannesburg (UJ) alumnus on Wednesday, 2 April 2014 as she graduated Cum Laude in a B.Com Marketing Management degree. Buitendag works for the University’s Technology Transfer Office and Commercialisation Department.​


The 28-year-old from the West Rand studied copywriting at the AAA School of Advertising before studying at UJ. She says it took her years to decide what she wanted to dedicate her life to. She finally decided to study B.Com Marking at UJ. Buitendag says she wanted to join the inventive industry because she believes that with effective and creative marketing efforts; companies can thrive and succeed in their day-to-day business.
“I am the ‘in-the-know’ person and a ‘go-getter’. I have people’s best interests at heart. Marketing is an ideal qualification for me. Marketing creates demand for products and services, which creates job opportunities. Marketers are trained to effectively identify the needs of consumers and the general population, while paying attention to the environment,” says Buitendag.​
For Buitendag, working and studying full-time was one of her major challenges. With the support of her line manager, Prof Aart Boessenkool, colleagues and family she managed to do well academically.
“I was privileged to gain industry experience while completing my studies, which made the application parts of the course easy to do. However, there were long nights of studying hard in between all the great times,” she says.
Buitendag was brought up by parents who have post-graduate qualifications. She has a brother qualified as a medical doctor. Currently married to a pilot, she says their future endeavours are based on growth and support for each other.
“The UJ Marketing Management course covered a vast spectrum of latest trends and industry requirements. I believe I received a high standard and good quality education at UJ.
“I have set some life goals and milestones that I would like to reach at specific times in my life. I would like to gain knowledge and skills to effectively grow my career path until the day I retire. The rewards of life-long learning make the journey worthwhile,” she says. ​
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