Get To Know Us: Ms. Lindiwe Kupera, Second-Year Diploma in PR Student

  1. Please give a short bio of yourself.

My name is Lindiwe Kupera, currently studying at the University of Johannesburg. I    am doing my second year in Public Relations and Communications. I am a go getter, who believes that whatever I set my mind on turns into gold. I am a strategic thinker with a curious mind, and a great communicator with good problem solving skills

  1. Tell us about your school years.

I attended primary school at Dawn Park Primary School in Boksburg and I attended secondary at Dalpak Learning Academy. I was just a normal kid, naughty sometimes, serious with my school work and determined to grow into a dignified young lady one day with a dream of becoming a business woman.

  1. Why did you choose the University of Johannesburg for higher education?

I chose the University of Johannesburg, because it had always been a dream to be part of the “orange gang”. Most of my cousins applied at University of Johannesburg  and would talk about the benefits it comes with. I believe that motivated me to further   my education at the University of Johannesburg.

  1. How has your journey at the University of Johannesburg been?

So far so good. I have enjoyed my first year as an online student as well as second year on campus. Academic stress comes along the way but managing it well is all that is needed. From there all goes smoothly. I have learnt that the friends you make on campus can either grow with you or destroy you, therefore one should be careful with the kind of friends they make on campus. I have also learnt proper time management and good writing skills.

  1. What role/s have you played in the institution?

I am the deputy chairperson of the Student Public Relations Association (SPRA).

  1. What role/s have you played in the Department of Strategic Communication?

SPRA is found in the department of strategic communications department and being  the deputy chairperson of the association we serve to bridge the gap between students and organisations. We have had events that we invite people in the PR, media and communications industry to come and motivate as well teach PR  students about the industry they are heading to.

  1. What encouraged you into pursuing a career in Strategic Communication?

As someone who really admired people in the communications industry. I would say  I was influenced to love PR by relatives who also studied in the humanities faculty and later realised that PR is for me as it  compliments my personality.

  1. What are some of the challenges you have faced while pursuing your career/qualification in Strategic Communication?

While pursuing my qualification in strategic communication I have faced challenges such as people looking down on the course because they do not know or understand  its purpose. People discourage my choice of study because it’s not well known and that job opportunities may be scarce.

  1. Please share the projects you have been involved in recently? [What are some of the societal issues you have identified? How have you used your expertise to help solve them?

I recently took my blogging seriously and I focus on societal issues such as gender-based violence and black lives matter. In my blog posts I have shared tips on how to avoid and solve issues such as gender-based violence.

  1. What advice would you give to UJ Strategic Communication Alumni starting their careers in the industry?

I would advise them to not listen to the negative things people have to say but focus more on the positive things that come with their qualification. Focus, be determined, pray and the rest will follow.

Interview by Ms. Refiloe Mofokeng

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