Food Technology reunion class of 1993-1996

​​​On Saturday, the 22nd of February, some of the Food Technology class of 1993-1996 got together for a reunion at the food processing plant on DFC. It was great to catch up and hear what everyone has achieved in the last twenty years. It was noticeable that almost all of them are still in the food industry and all of them have made a mark that can make UJ proud!​


Tracy Murphy – Alternative Beverages Consultant NPD, SAB;
Matie Malan – Owner Flavor Pak and consultant to the meat industry
Denise Metcalfe – UJ senior lecturer
Spencer Kruger – Flavour Sales Manager Africa International Flavors & Fragrances (Graduated B Tech April 2007)
Grant Allan – No longer works in Food Technology
Deepa Bhoola – Technical Manager Clover Fonterra Ingredients (Pty) Ltd
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