First generation UJ student excels

Senior tutor for the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Psychology department Andrea Jacobs, from Coronationville graduated her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) cum laude.
On Friday, 27 March 2015 Andrea graduated with her PGCE specializing in Life Orientation. She graduated with distinction and made her single mom and family members very proud not only by being the first to attend University, but also with excellence – graduating cum laude.
Andrea is very passionate about her field of study and enjoys educating and helping other individuals. The graduate has a Psychological background with her most recent qualification being my BA Hon degree in Psychology. Andrea views Psychology as an essential field of study as it provides an individual with a sound knowledge base that is applicable to many domains.
She describes her academic journey as a learning process, saying: “Through my studies I mainly learnt about myself as an individual within diverse contexts. I learnt about my capabilities and how to view challenges. At times failure is a learning curve that can be used to better yourself.”
The 24-year-old is pursuing her masters in Research Psychology. The ambitious young lady wishes to pursue private practice in either Educational or Clinical Psychology. In addition she would like to become a lecturer at UJ.
Andrea believes her qualification to be beneficial to South Africa and is excited at the prospect of one day making an effective contribution. “I believe that Education is highly beneficial globally, as it is a tool that empowers individuals and it is with this education that we as human beings can advance. The combination of Psychology and Education can assist in an individual’s development and rectify many societal ills.”
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