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Eleven graduates to receive prestigious Chancellor’s awards for outstanding academic prowess

A number of students at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) have outdone themselves in various fields of study in the past two years, earning the highest student honour in the form of Chancellor’s Medals.

Seven graduates will receive Chancellors Medals for the Most Meritorious Masters Study in 2019, while four graduates will receive faculty prizes for the Most Prestigious Undergraduate or Honours Graduate for 2019.

These awards are annually presented to individual students in each faculty for the most meritorious study at Master’s, Undergraduate and Honours levels, for academic excellence. As a norm, the University celebrates the awarding of the Chancellor’s Medals during graduation ceremonies. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the cancellation of traditional graduation congregations in the foreseeable future this year, the Medals will be presented to students in a separate function.

All the 2020 UJ graduates are to receive their qualifications digitally via the University’s official platform (, and can share these with third parties or prospective employers at no cost.

The Chancellor’s Most Meritorious Master’s Study in 2019 recipients are:
John Yannis Generalis, Magister Technologiae Fine Art (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) – Dissertation: Hybrid Vigour as a creative strategy in the work of

Mafor Penn, Master of Education (Faculty of Education) – Dissertation: Grade 12 Physical and Life sciences learners’ understandings about scientific inquiry.

Tebeta Ronny Thapelo, Master of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment) – Dissertation: Investigation of mechanical properties of polyethylene-based Nano-composites

Megan Joy Geldenhuys, Master of Nursing Science: Professional Nursing Science: Ethos and Professional Practice (Faculty of Health Sciences) – Dissertation: Evidenced Based Nursing Care for Spinal Immobilisation: A Systematic Review

Brendan Lynford Byrne Dor, Master of Arts: Sociology (Faculty of Humanities) – Dissertation: Precarious Workers and the Labour Process: A Multi-sited Case Study of Management Control and Worker Resistance

Yorgo Athanasios Yiannakis, Magister Legum: Commercial Law (Faculty of Law) – Minor Dissertation: Drone legislation and liability insurance: a comparative study

Mampho Khesa Pitso, MSc Aquatic Health (Faculty of Science) – Dissertation: The effect of chronic efavirenz exposure on the organ health and haematology of the red-strain Mozambique tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

The Most Prestigious Undergraduate or Honours Graduate for 2019 faculty recipients are:
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Undergraduate Student for 2019

Matthew Ryan Slabbert

Baccalaureus Ingeneriae: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Student in Undergraduate and Honours for 2019

Tayla Giovi Zurfluh

Baccalaureus Technologiae (Podiatry)

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Undergraduate Student for 2019

Shene Jheanne De Rijk

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Faculty of Science

Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Honours Student for 2019

Dylan John Durieux

Bachelor of Science Honours: Applied Mathematics

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