Cuba’s Ambassador recognises one of the 20th century revolutionary icons

Understanding the history of Che Guevara, the impact of his contribution to the lives of millions of people around the world, will assist future generations to recognise their social responsibility. This was the message by the Ambassador of Cuba, his Excellency Mr Carlos Fernandez de Cassio wh​en he reflected on the life political activist, Che Guevara.

Speaking at a recent book discussion, hosted by the University’s SARChI Chair in African Diplomacy and Governance, in partnership with the University’s Library and Information Centre, Mr Fernandez de Cassio said that the book, Che Guevara Reader, gives a personal account of Mr Guevara’s journey of self-belief, in spite of self-sacrifice during the Cuban revolution.

Says Mr Fernandez de Cassio: “In many ways the book illustrates how Che’s ideas evolved throughout his short life. Che played a key role during the 1959 Cuban Revolution. He was centrally involved in the debates about what to do in power – how to take the revolution forward and what sort of society should replace the toppled dictatorship.”

He encouraged young men and women to try and emulate some of Che`s virtues, which included self-sacrifice and educating the nation, that in turn can lead to a better society.

Also addressing the audience, Ms Rose Francis from the Africa Perspectives Publishers, who was very instrumental in the publication the book, which contains a selection of articles, speeches and letters by Mr Guevara, pointed out that this is the most authoritative collection to date of Che’s work and that it is an unprecedented source of primary material on Cuba and Latin America.

“By presenting Che in his own words, contributes to a better understanding of Che’s thought, allowing the reader to delve into his cultural depth, his incisiveness, his irony, his passion and his astute observations, that is today, the living Che,” she said.

Watch the Che Guevara Reader book discussion by Ambassador of Cuba, his Excellency, Mr Carlos Fernandez de Cassio. ​


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