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ABE Bailey Trust awards UK- SA bursary to UJ student

Ms Samkelisiwe Precious Temba, a final year BSc student, majoring in Mathematics and Psychology at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), has been awarded the 2022 ABE Bailey Travel Bursary. The Travel Bursary, awarded annually, will cover the cost of an all-expenses-paid 3-week educational tour of England and Scotland. The opportunity seeks to broaden the horizons of young South Africans and effect greater cooperation and understanding of varying perceptions among individuals from diverse backgrounds. The key objectives of the bursary are:

  • encourage leadership, demonstrating open debate and mutual respect for others
  • enable South African students to experience the British culture and examine its significance in the context of our South African history
  • to foster enterprise, commitment and effective engagement in a shared future and to
  • promote unity

The 3-week programme commences in Cape Town on the 22nd of November 2022 with induction, and the awardees will then proceed to the UK on the 24th of November. Goodenough College in London will host the group, and the itinerary includes tours in and around Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh. The official tour ends on the 17th of December in Edinburgh.

Ms Temba considers herself a born leader and strongly believes leadership is not about a title or designation but about the impact. She says, “Let not your background determine how far you can go. Your capabilities and the courage to act on your dreams will always see you through the greatest life distances.”

Ms Temba’s interest in this great opportunity was motivated by a heightened desire to be better, do better and serve assiduously with the experience and lessons the opportunity promises to offer her. She regards herself as an agent of change and seeks to change her life and positively influence those around her. She intends to achieve this by actively demonstrating that dreams have the potential to turn into reality if individuals have the courage to pursue them. Ms Temba and the University of Johannesburg are grateful for the award and the opportunity to help her realise her full potential.


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