Terence Fenn

Qualifications: MARTDESED (UNSW, AUS); MPhil (Information Technology) (UCT) B-Tech: Fine Arts (TWR)

Designation: Senior Lecturer

I have worked in the Department of Multimedia since January 2003. My key teaching areas include interaction design, information architecture, experience design, design thinking and design research.

I have published and presented numerous academic paper of which the overarching theme relates to teaching design with a specific focus on resolving complex societal problems. My recently completed second master’s degree focused on the co-design of a mobile application that promotes access to information for small-scale urban farmers in Soweto, South Africa

I co-founded the Design Society Development (DSD) DESIS Lab hosted in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and chaired the lab during the 2016-2017 terms.

I am currently enrolled for a PHD at the Department of Informatics, at the University of Pretoria. The title of the research is ‘An experience-led, speculative approach to co-designing blended spaces in urban South African contexts’ and the study’s focus is on understanding how space is conceptualised in African communities and how this conceptualisation could impact and inform the design of future smart spaces.

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